Short-Term Groups provide people with an easy way to assimilate into a group for a limited period of time (two to nine weeks) to explore a single relevant topic (e.g., spiritual growth, dating relationships, marriage, parenting, finances).

The goals of Short-Term Groups are to connect the disconnected, equip people around felt needs, and engage and leverage our pool of mature leaders.

Here are a few recommended resources for developing content for Short-Term Groups:

  • Balanced is a DVD and study guide curriculum used to explore finances.

  • Staying In Love is a DVD and study guide curriculum used to explore marriage.

  • is designed to equip leaders with the tools to lead well and create meaningful experiences for everyone in their groups.

  • I Said This, You Heard That study and website are used to discover your God-given wiring for understanding and communication.

  • Mom Matters is a study specifically for mothers.

  • Comparison Trap App and website is designed to help women fight the urge to compare themselves to others.

  • Anthology App and website is used to host the studies and resources that are creating by our North Point Resources Team.

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