Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by welcoming, informing, and serving our guests. Through our actions and interactions with our guests, we display the love of Jesus and introduce them to a church that unchurched people love to attend.


Our Environment Is:


  • The temperature is pleasing.
  • The building is safe and secure.
  • The furniture is useful and the seating is comfortable.
  • We provide restroom extras (e.g., good-smelling lotions and soap, personal products for women, and Scope® with cups for men).


  • Every environment smells clean and fresh.
  • All areas are neat and in order (e.g., extra boxes out of sight, pens and handouts in nice containers).
  • Facility is spotless with floors, glass, and surfaces all white-glove approved. Think surgically clean!
  • Trash cans are visible and emptied regularly.
  • All volunteers constantly scan the floors for trash.


  • Directional signage is effective and visible. Every area is clearly marked (e.g., Information Center, Restrooms).
  • Volunteers provide clear directions and valuable information about all environments of the church and can direct guests to exactly where they need to go.
  • Volunteers know transition details in order to maintain a smooth flow of service as guests arrive in the Auditorium (e.g., seating area changes as the Auditorium fills up).


Our Volunteers Are:


  • They are consistent with attendance and arrive prepared to serve.
  • All positions are filled to the point that it allows the flexibility for volunteers to leave their positions to serve guests above and beyond.


  • Volunteers provide the “WOW” welcome! We want to always exceed the expectations of our guests with hospitality overload.
  • With actions! All volunteers are welcoming. They smile, make eye contact, and serve with passion, excitement, and anticipation of what God is going to do through them.


  • They provide excellence in every action—provide intentional acts of service; look for ways to “WOW” guests (e.g., if guest is coughing, get him water).
  • They provide excellence in every interaction—initiate the “Hello,” and walk guests who need directions; call guests by name when possible.