How do you follow up with first-time guests?

Some first-time guests wish to remain anonymous. We respect that desire, and therefore it is not always possible to follow up with first-time guests. Our strategy is to create irresistible environments where the first-time guest will want to return and learn more about how to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Other times, we are able to gather information about a first-time guest. In this case, we follow up with a handwritten note to thank them for attending our church and inviting them to return.

How do you minister to and value your volunteers?

One of the primary roles of our volunteer captains is to care for their teams and foster community among the volunteers. This includes enjoying a meal, meeting and praying together prior to serving, social gatherings outside of Sunday, recognizing times of individual celebration, and providing care and support during tough times. The Guest Services Director schedules regular times of connection, training, and appreciation for all volunteers.

How do you recruit and train your volunteers?

We recruit and train our Guest Services volunteers in a variety of ways. For specific information regarding recruitment and training, please visit.

How do you handle restless children during the worship service?

Our hope is that parents will take their children to one of our children's environments. However, that is not always possible for a variety of reasons. When parents enter the adult worship environment with a child, we politely encourage them to sit toward the back of the Auditorium, on the end of a row, so they may slip out easily if their child becomes noisy or restless. Our ushers help with this. We also provide the parents with a small bag containing child-friendly items: a snack, coloring book, and crayons. On those occasions when a child does become disruptive, we try to handle the situation as quickly and as delicately as possible. We want to be sensitive to the family, but also protect the environment and limit distractions.

Does Guest Services play a role in creating a safe environment on Sunday mornings?

We encourage all Guest Services volunteers to be alert for any suspicious activity. However, we never want volunteers to put themselves in harms way. We employ an intricate network of cameras, staff, and paid police officers, both in uniform and plain-clothed, to ensure the safety of our churches. Active duty police officers are directly connected to their respective departments, 911, and local hospitals in case of a serious incident.

Do you evaluate Guest Services?

Yes! We are constantly evaluating our systems and procedures to ensure that we are creating an optimal experience for our guests. Here are a couple of ways you can evaluate:

  1. Use secret shoppers. Give them specific systems and areas to “test.” Have them document their experiences and report what they find.

  2. Ask your friends who you invite to church what they thought about their experience.

  3. Observe guests in key areas: parking lot, main entrance, moving through halls, etc. Look closely at body language, consistent mistakes being made, confusion, etc., and determine the best way to solve these problems.

How frequently do your volunteers serve?

Our volunteers volunteer on an every-other-week rotation.

Do you feed your volunteers?

Yes. In fact, we feed them every time they show up to volunteer. The food varies but we think taking care of them in this way is an opportunity we have to honor them for coming.

Do your volunteers wear t-shirts?

At many of our campuses, our volunteers get a new t-shirt each year. We also get random shirts during the year for Be Rich or other special events where the whole church or churches are involved.

Do your volunteers wear nametags?      

Yes. Our churches do it different ways but Planning Center Online is an option. You will typically find our Team Leaders with a more permanent nametag due to their role and a way we can honor them.