North Point offers a premarital mentoring ministry called Two to One. Two to One is designed to help prepare engaged couples for strong, lasting marriages based on biblical principles. Two to One pairs an engaged couple with a trained volunteer mentor couple for eight mentoring sessions over two to three months. A structured curriculum provides excellent preparation in areas key to a successful marriage: communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, and family.



Prerequisites for participation in Two to One:

  • The couple is currently engaged, with a wedding date more than six months from the date of registration.

  • One or both of the individuals are regular attendees of one of our North Point Ministries churches.

If the couple meets the prerequisites, each participant begins by filling out a questionnaire and completing the Prepare Assessment. The staff then matches the engaged couple with a volunteer leader couple based on location, expertise, and personality.

If, at any point in the process, it is determined that a couple has issues that go beyond the scope of our staff and trained volunteers, engaged couples will be directed to seek help from a professional counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. The couple can then work with the counseling referrals team to find a counselor that fits their needs.




The Two to One curriculum is currently not available for circulation outside of our Atlanta-area churches. However, there are many great resources available that can help you build a premarital ministry.

The Prepare Assessment provides a couple with a report of strength and growth areas and has exercises that correspond with each section.

While a couple waits to be paired with a mentor couple, they are asked to read The Five Love Languages book and watch the iMarriage message series. If a couple will be combining families, we also offer The Smart Stepfamily Marriage book to help them prepare for the unique challenges and joys of blended families.




The mission of the Two to One ministry is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by building strong marriages based on biblical principles. Because this mentor role is full of opportunities for influence in couples’ lives, we are intentional about selecting spiritually mature couples that are emotionally and relationally healthy.

The requirements for becoming a Two to One mentor couple are:

  • You must be married for five years or more.

  • You are pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • You demonstrate wisdom in your marriage.

  • You recognize the Bible as the authority for your life.

If a couple meets the above requirements, they then fill out a leader application, take the Enrich Assessment, interview with a staff member, attend a training, and apprentice with an experienced mentor couple.