We receive a lot of questions regarding our childcare supplement program. We made a decision in the early years to not have adult Sunday school. Instead, we have small group environments (community groups) where 6-8 married couples, or 8-10 same-sex singles, meet in homes to study the Bible and experience accountability, care, and belonging.

We realized that childcare for parents might be an obstacle for participation in a community group, so we decided to supplement parents for childcare costs incurred as a result of participating in a group. We wanted to remove any obstacles to people participating in group life.

We treat childcare supplement as a form of benevolence, and we only supplement the parents. We do not pay babysitters directly. Since we consider this a form of benevolence, we do not send a 1099 form for miscellaneous income to the recipients of childcare supplements.

Our childcare supplement initiative costs us over $371k a year. Even though that is a lot of money, it is considerably less than building and maintaining classroom space for several thousand adults on Sunday mornings.