One goal in HR is to find and hire great employees. We look for four qualities when hiring: character, culture, competency, and chemistry. We strive to find people who are of good character, walking with Christ, and on board with our culture. Culture refers to how well they understand what we do and how well they partner with us to continue the vision. Competency refers to the ability to do the job at hand. Chemistry means clicking with the manager and other team members.

Staff Metrics

We have established several metrics that keep our staffing at a healthy level. As a rule of thumb, we have one employee at the campus level for every 130 adults and children in attendance. The breakdown for positions at each campus is dependent on several factors. For example, we have one group life director for every 60-75 small groups. Our foyer environments have a variety of technical needs, including audio, video, and lighting. Depending on the size, complexity, and impact of a given environment, a certain number of technical roles must be filled. The staff needs for North Point Ministries are determined by the total number of employees for the entire organization (NPM and all its campuses). Other factors affecting staff needs include the size of the facility and the number of campuses or strategic partners. Our overall goal is to keep salaries and benefits for the entire organization between 40 and 50 percent of operating revenue.


In order to ensure that we hire the right people, we have all candidates take several personality assessments to determine gifting, goals, personality strengths and weaknesses, and compatibility with job responsibilities. When filling an available position, we try to hire volunteers and referrals before looking outside the organization. We think those individuals that spend time away from their families, friends, hobbies, etc., in order to volunteer here are people who are on board with our mission and people we would want to hire. For safety reasons, we perform statewide and nationwide background checks, depending on the job and the access the employee has to children.


We know we can’t match corporate salaries for our employees. What we can do, however, is offer a robust benefits package with as little cost to the employee as possible. Our benefits package includes medical, dental, life, 403b, and a flexible spending account. See the attached documents for the complete overview.

Policies & Procedures

Though it might not be fascinating reading, our policies and procedures manual offers guidelines and policies that outline the legal ramifications of employment. All employees agree to be bound by this document when they are employed by North Point Ministries.

Commissioning Process

Churches and other ministries are given the responsibility and authority to determine who should be recognized as a minister of the gospel. The terminology used to describe this process might be ordination, licensing, or commissioning. In our organization, we use the term commissioning. As our ministry expands, there is a need to set apart men and women in the role of minister. Our general requirements to be commissioned include: a clear demonstration of God’s call to the ministry, appropriate theological training, and ministry experience. Our commissioning is to a specific area of ministry. We recognize the specific gifts a person has received rather than recognizing every person as capable of fulfilling every potential ministry role. We may commission a person into the music ministry, a counseling role, or other ministry-specific vocation.