Budget preparation for the campuses of North Point Ministries begins in May with a calendar meeting. The ministry areas gather and discuss, sometimes debate, when their ministry events will take place in the following year. Once there’s consensus, the events are scheduled and placed on the calendar for the coming year.

After the May calendar meeting, a timeline is established for the budgeting process by the finance department (see attached). The budget request period usually begins in the middle of July and ends in early September.

The finance department gives the ministry areas guidance in their budget preparations by establishing parameters of projected attendance and income at each campus for the coming year. For example, if we think attendance will grow, we will allow some ministry areas to request additional budget funds if their ministry areas are driven by attendance. Children’s programming is an example of this because additional supplies, volunteers, and staff may be necessary as the number of children increase.

The finance department also provides tools for the ministry area managers to use in preparing their budget requests. Here is an example of a few pages of the reports provided to the department managers.

  1. A current year budget spreadsheet detailing the monthly budget (Budget Monthly Spreadsheet).
  2. Most recent actual expenses by month (Actual Monthly Spreadsheet).
  3. General ledger details of every expense by account, by month. (General Ledger Details).
  4. Strategy Worksheet

    Financial Reporting

    The finance department produces a monthly financial statement packet to allow department managers to monitor their expenses.  Our leadership and stewardship teams also use these statements to evaluate the health of the overall organization. Here are a few sample pages from our monthly financial statement packet:  NPM Financial Packet Sample