Sunday’s Coming!

Whether your church is big or small, Sunday is always coming. That's why we've packaged up these resources, observations, and lessons learned along the way for church leaders like you.

  • North Point Network

    Interested in a North Point Network? Get in touch with us.

    North Point Network
  • New Women’s Study

    Download the Comparison Trap app for instant, free access to the four video segments of Andy and Sandra’s new women’s study. Read the details at

    New Women’s Study
  • Starting Point Has Been Revised

    More than 2500 churches have used Starting Point to facilitate conversation with “seekers, starters, and returners.” This 8-session study has been updated for easy use in a church ministry or a Sunday school/small group setting. Read more about it here.

    Starting Point Has Been Revised
  • Free Video – Our Most Requested

    In this video (our most requested of the year), Gavin Adams introduces a zero-dollar investment that may change everything at your church.

    Free Video – Our Most Requested