Canopy Stages is a teaching environment with the goal of bringing together single adults to talk about relevant topics from faith and ethics to careers, dating, and more. Stages takes place in the winter, summer, and fall for two or three consecutive Tuesday evenings. It is open to single adults from all seven of our Atlanta-area churches, single adults from other churches, and the unchurched. Attendees are encouraged to arrive half an hour early for light snacks, games, and time to mingle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some topics you’ve discussed at Canopy Stages?

Our message series have covered the topics of identity, baggage, spiritual disciplines, dating and relationships, fear, prayer, community, and more.

What are the ages of those in attendance?

Canopy Stages is for single adults of all ages and stages. We have found that attendees naturally gravitate toward their peers.

How do you find band members, hosts, communicators, etc.?

We work with our Music Director and Service Programming Department to book the band. The Canopy team identifies communicators, which have included members of NPM’s staff, community leaders, and national and local professional communicators. Musicians, hosts, communicators, and select technical staff are paid and supported by a group of volunteers.

Do you stream Stages live online?

Currently, we offer Stages messages online after the fact, but we do not stream them live. We believe that part of the success of Stages lies in single adults sitting in the room with 1,000+ others and knowing they are not alone.

Can my church use your Stages content for a similar environment we’re hosting?

Absolutely! Please contact for more information.