Each Singles Gathering is led by a team of two to three volunteer leaders. The leaders set the tone for the Gathering, represent the Singles Ministry and our churches, and may be someone’s first experience with followers of Jesus.

Singles Gatherings Leadership Resources:


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recruit Singles Gatherings leaders?

We ask current leaders to identify two or more participants within their Gathering that would be good candidates for leadership. Current leaders are also encouraged to use their personal investment budget to meet with these candidates and tell them more about leadership. In addition, many leaders recruit their friends, roommates, or significant others to lead with them provided they go through the interview process and are approved.

What is the process of becoming a Singles Gathering leader?

All potential leaders complete an application, which requests information about their personal history, faith story, involvement at one of our churches, references, and more. Then, one of our Singles Gatherings Project Managers interviews the candidates to assess their spiritual maturity, compatibility with our leadership requirements, and level of responsibility. Once approved, leaders are matched with others to form Gathering teams, where they select or are assigned to their Gathering activity.

What are the leadership requirements?

Singles Gatherings leaders are required to consent to the Adult Ministries Agreement, which is an NPM-wide standard for leadership. It includes language around sexual purity, wisdom with finances, discretion with alcohol, and discernment with social media. In addition, we look for leaders who demonstrate an enthusiastic commitment to our mission and vision and have the ability to create an environment that attracts and inspires people to connect deeper within our churches. Lastly, all leaders should be “fully engaged,” which means they have a plan for giving, are involved in a Community Group, and regularly invite unchurched friends and acquaintances.

How do you train Singles Gatherings leaders?

Singles Gatherings leaders attend brief trainings three times a year prior to the beginning of each Gathering cycle. In addition, we provide a host of equipping resources online, one-on-one meetings with our Singles Gatherings Project Managers, and a few “leader labs” throughout the year for continuing development.