Singles Gatherings are medium-sized social groups that are organized loosely by age range and interests. They are our primary environments for single adults to get connected and build authentic friendships. We believe everyone deserves great friends and Singles Gatherings are an easy, natural way to find like-minded people who are in a similar stage of life.

The Gatherings occur in 5-week cycles and are offered three times a year: winter, summer, and fall. During each cycle, we register up to 2,000 single adults between 25–30 Gatherings. A team of volunteer leaders chooses the day of the week, time of day, and activity for their Gathering. A few of our popular Gatherings include:

  • Taste of Atlanta
  • Tourist for a Day
  • North Georgia Hikes
  • Meals on Wheels Service
  • Dinner & Dialogue
  • Friendly Competition
  • Dance the Night Away
  • Fitness Mix
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • And more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Singles Gatherings cyclical?

There are several benefits to starting and stopping after a 5-week cycle. This allows new participants to jump in at the beginning of a cycle and to begin to connect with other new attendees, as well as those who are already connected at our churches. This prevents the Gathering environment from becoming cliquish over time. It also allows our leaders to rest in-between cycles and start their next Gatherings with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Finally, it creates a scarcity mentality that drives engagement for the 15 weeks per year that Gatherings are held.

Why structure Gatherings around age ranges?

Singles Gatherings are environments where single adults can meet and connect with their peers. As such, the majority of Gatherings are organized according to 10- to 15-year age ranges. In our experience, participants feel most comfortable and are most likely to connect with others who fall within that range. We occasionally offer a few Gatherings for “all ages” for those participants who do not have a preference or who want to participate with someone outside of their age range.

Do you budget for the Gatherings?

Yes. We ask each team of leaders to submit a budget proposal according to what they will need. Their requests may include funds for items such as drinks, snacks, nametags, and any necessary supplies. We also provide leaders with $40 “personal investment” budgets they can use to invest in one or more members of their Gathering—either a potential leader or someone who wants more information about getting connected in our church. Finally, a few Gatherings require a facility rental, so we budget for that as well.

Do Singles Gatherings include Bible study?

Singles Gatherings are designed to be purely social, which we believe is also a spiritual win. They do not include Bible study or a formal time of prayer for two reasons. The first is that Singles Ministry is the first step many people take when engaging with our churches. The Gatherings are nonthreatening environments where singles can meet church attendees and learn more about getting connected before ever attending a service. Secondly, we have a dedicated Community Groups Ministry, which provides an option for weekly Bible study for attendees who are interested. Our goal with Singles Gatherings is to partner with our Groups team to funnel participants from our environment to theirs.

Can participants do several Gatherings at a time?

No. We ask that each participant register for and participate in one Gathering per cycle. This is to ensure that we have enough open slots for every person who wants to participate.

Do Gatherings require a registration fee?

The majority of Singles Gatherings do not require registration fees. However, there may be costs incurred according to the weekly activity. For example, Taste of Atlanta participants are responsible for buying their own meals each week. Occasionally, we charge a slight registration fee to cover the cost of a professional venue or instruction. This is the case for “Dance the Night Away” and “Fitness Mix.” If a Gathering requires a registration fee, it is noted on the website and required upon registration.