Why singles ministry?

Having a dedicated ministry for single adults communicates that we value the single adults in our churches and communities just as much as our married couples and families. Beyond that, there are more single adults in the U.S. than ever before, and we believe God has a purpose for them right where they are. Singleness in adulthood—not to mention single parenthood or singleness after divorce or loss—is a unique life stage with many complex needs. As such, we want single adults to know we see them, we understand their unique needs, and they are welcomed and celebrated in our church.

Is your programming targeted toward dating and relationships?

We program toward the goals of helping single adults find and develop healthy community and encouraging them to grow spiritually. Occasionally, this includes content related to dating and relationships, but not exclusively. We believe healthy relationships are only possible when single adults are healthy in various areas of their lives, so we program with the whole person in mind, rather than just their relationship status.

How do you attract singles to your church?

We have found that single adults want to be where their people are! Simply having a ministry for them draws many participants, both those that are unchurched and those that are engaged in other local churches. In addition, we encourage people in our ministry to invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Finally, we use strategic marketing campaigns via email, social media, and paid advertising. 

What ages are included in your ministry?

Canopy is for adults of all ages and stages. We classify “adults” as those 22 and above. (We have a dedicated ministry for college students that is separate from Canopy.) Across all of our environments, about one-third of participants are in their 20s, one-third are in their 30s, and one-third are in their 40s and above. We offer several environments for all ages combined (Stages and Events) and one environment that is broken into 10-year age ranges (Gatherings).

Is childcare provided?

No. All Canopy events and environments are for adults only. Childcare is not provided; however, Canopy Gatherings qualify for our childcare supplement.

What is your "win" for Canopy?

For many of our participants, Canopy is the first point of contact with our churches. We want to be a ministry that is sensitive to unbelievers and new believers, that honors and respects participants as adults, and that pushes them toward God’s best for their lives. We hope everyone who comes through our ministry encounters Jesus, meets a great community of like-minded friends, and finds meaning and purpose in their current season of life.