Our mission at all our North Point Ministries Atlanta churches is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We keep this in mind in all that we do.

Specifically, our mission as church music departments is to create musical experiences that transcend—that go beyond just songs and lights—and connect emotionally with all who attend our services, whether they are believers or not. This can be done through times of corporate worship music, powerful songs that help set up or drive home the point of a message, or even popular mainstream songs that elicit a desired common emotion.

Our vision is to have a nonthreatening foyer environment for a first-time visitor. That philosophy funnels down to the songs we sing and what our worship leaders say from the stage. We want to make sure the verbiage we use isn’t “churchy.” Instead, what we sing and say from the stage is inclusive, everyday language. As one of our NPM founders said years ago: “Sing with the insider; speak to the outsider.” That has been a great lens through which we staff personnel, book stage talent, and program content.