A global(×) trip is a strategic, seven- to ten-day experience where teams of 5–50 people serve with our international partners, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people all over the world. Our vision is for global(×) trips to be opportunities for people to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships through serving.

We have narrowed the focus of our trips to just two things:

  1. Serving at-risk families and children (working with our Global Partners)
  2. Helping our strategic partner churches create churches that unchurched people love to attend

We spend a ton of time making sure our teams are prepared to go and serve—logistically, relationally, and spiritually. Typically, teams meet together four to six times before they travel for 1–2 hours each time, and most teams also plan a weekend retreat together, sharing their stories with each other, connecting relationally, and planning their trip’s projects in detail.

We also offer the following support to ensure teams are prepared:

  1. A dedicated Trip Project Manager (on the global(×) staff)
  2. Annual trip leader trainings, as well as leader development throughout the year using various media.
  3. Annual security training to help teams prepare for crisis and emergency situations
  4. Fundraising website (through ServiceReef) where team members can create personal fundraising pages to track their support raised and much more.

Helpful Documents:

Other Resources:

If you are a church that sends mission teams, we have a field guide created for our trip members that was used as an effective training tool to prepare team members to represent Jesus to people whose cultures are very different than ours. From securing passports and raising support to preparing their hearts for the journey and the return home, it will help trip members focus on their relationship with Christ. This guide includes discussion questions, devotionals, journal pages, and more—all designed to enrich this life-altering experience. It is available for purchase at our online store.