Life Lessons Over Lunch is a workplace environment where participants meet on a regular basis to view relevant and useful messages over a free lunch. The goal of each group is to create a nonthreatening atmosphere that values potential attendees and affords them an opportunity to pause and decompress in the middle of the workday.

The Life Lessons staff at North Point has cultivated a library of messages with the potential attendee in mind. These messages, shown over lunch, welcome participants to consider issues of finances, faith, family, relationships, and character. Life Lessons groups are volunteer-driven, nondenominational, and open to everybody.



Life Lessons groups and their leaders have a reputation for emphasizing a positive focus. We do not disparage any religion or spiritual belief. Groups are welcoming and open to everyone. Participation and leadership are completely voluntary.

Groups are also self-sustaining. They meet during non-company time (e.g., the lunch hour) at no incremental cost to the company. The Life Lessons leadership at each company provides a free lunch for attendees every other week. The North Point staff equips those leaders with marketing resources and group content at no additional cost.

For more information about starting a Life Lessons group in your organization, please contact us.



Partnering with Life Lessons is as simple as hosting an orientation for your community to introduce them to the mission and vision of Life Lessons Over Lunch. Remember, Life Lessons will do the heavy lifting to make this as simple for you and your staff as possible.


Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • An initial showcase that includes printed promotional materials to launch Life Lessons, DVD samples of messages, and reading material
  • Consultative services from our staff
  • A media kit that includes images for signage, documents for equipping your leaders, and promotional videos
  • Templates for invitations, follow-up letters, and bulletin inserts
  • Access to future marketing initiatives (e.g., print media and videos)
  • Access to North Point Ministries messages for Life Lessons use
  • Training for all of your prospective Life Lessons leaders (includes leader application vetting and group pre-/post-launch activities)
  • Continued training and development of all your current leaders
  • Quarterly dashboards (number of groups, average attendance, wins, etc.)
  • Collective expertise of over 14 years of implementing this strategy

For more information about partnering with Life Lessons Over Lunch, contact us.