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Continuing Education

 All foster families are required to complete annual continuing education as a part of their reevaluation process. (Depending on the state, there are varying requirements for the number of live hours and non-live hours.) We’ve realized that this is a need we could help meet while creating a larger sense of community.

CE event basics:

  • Two events (spring and fall) provide five hours of live training each.

  • Center the training on “excellence in parenting” (versus specialized topics) to strengthen the common language of parenting within the ministry.

  • Childcare is provided on-site for families with current placements.

  • Beverages, snacks, and lunch are provided free of charge to ministry participants.

  • These events are open to visitors. We try to spread awareness among other ministries in the area. Visitors pay a small registration fee to cover the cost of hospitality.

  • The “Empowered to Connect” simulcast by Show Hope is an easy way to make training accessible to your families. It takes places in April of each year. Learn more.


Pool Party

All ministry participants are invited to an annual pool party. This is one of our most anticipated gatherings. It’s an opportunity to play with your kids while you’re in the company of other families on similar journeys. This combination of fun and belonging has been a huge hit!

This event includes:

  • A rented pool with fun water features

  • Dinner (usually BBQ, a big hit in Georgia!)

  • An ice cream station

  • A photo booth with fun summer props

  • An inexpensive goodie bag for each kid

This is the least expensive ministry-wide gathering that we provide annually.


Christmas Brunch

At the end of the year, it’s important to take time to celebrate what God has done in and through the families in this ministry.  We gather on the first Saturday of December. Our programming for this event includes:

  • Family photos by skilled photographers that utilize on-site church Christmas decor

  • A fun, Christmas-themed gathering for children

  • Brunch, worship, inspirational talk, and Communion for adults

  • A customized Christmas ornament commemorating the year

Our families consistently tell us that having more time together to talk and share stories is something they value. We’re continuing to incorporate more sharing time into this event and similar gatherings.