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Find Your Partners

The below resources are critical tools for effectively selecting Nonprofit Partners to work with during a Be Rich Campaign.


Do More, Give More:  Time,  Money, Gifts

The below resources will assist you and your nonprofit partners in preparing for discussions and in making decisions specific to selecting the projects Be Rich will fund.

The below resource can be used to track the execution of selected Be Rich service projects.


Additional Resources

The below resources aid in further solidifying an understanding of the Be Rich Campaign philosophy and approach to generosity and service.

Imagine the difference we could make as a church community if we followed Paul’s command! Early Christians did. They were known for their extraordinary generosity. Is that how people in our communities would describe us? In this message, Andy challenges us to rise to the occasion, to unleash a wave of generosity, to be rich—in a big, big way.

If you are interested in partnering with a public school in your community, we recommend reviewing this article for tips and information as you prepare.