What is the seating capacity at each campus?

North Point Community Church
East Auditorium 2350
Balcony 348
West Auditorium 1700
Theater 869

Browns Bridge Church
Auditorium 1600
Balcony 375
Theater 416

Buckhead Church
Auditorium 2200
Balcony 852
Theater 530

Woodstock City Church
Auditorium 2005

Gwinnett Church
Auditorium 1167

How many parking spaces do you have?

North Point  3200
Browns Bridge  990 + 400
Buckhead  339 (1,100 leased with Tower Place)
Woodstock City  651
Gwinnett  1200

Who maintains the church facilities?

Janitorial services:  Facility Maintenance Source, Inc.

HVAC (NPCC):  Degree of Comfort

HVAC (BB):  Commercial Air

HVAC (BC):  McKenney’s Mechanical Contractor

Landscaping (BB):  Premiere Landscaping

Landscaping (NPCC/BC):  Brickman

Pest Control:  Peachtree Pest Control

Security:  Tyco (formerly ADT)

Security Guard (BC):  Allied Barton Security Services

Elevator (BC/BB):  Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp.

Escalator (BC):  Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp.

Window Washing (BC):  Buckhead Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Emergency Engine (BC):  Yancey Power Systems

General Maintenance:  Campus facility maintenance staff

Set ups and Scheduling:  Campus facility maintenance staff

Where were your architect and general contractor?

North Point Community Church
Architect:  Niles Bolton Associates
General Contractor:  Bowen Construction (Phase 1 & 2),  Garrard Construction (Theater Expansion)

NPCC - 2008 Renovation
Architect:  Bradfield Richards Rhodes & Assoc.
General Contractor:  Brasfield & Gorrie

NPCC - 2014 Renovation
Architect:  Bradfield Richards Rhodes & Assoc.
General Contractor:  Choate Construction

Browns Bridge Church
Architect:  Niles Bolton Associates
General Contractor:  Garrard Construction

Buckhead Church
Architect:  Niles Bolton (Phase 1 – Harris Teeter), Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart and Assoc. (Phase 2 – Tower Place)
General Contractor:  Bowen Construction (Phase 1- Harris Teeter), Brasfield & Gorrie (Phase 2 – Tower Place)

Woodstock City Church
Architect:  Bradfield Richards Rhodes & Assoc.
General Contractor:  Brasfield & Gorrie

Gwinnett Church
Architect:  Bradfield Richards Rhodes & Assoc.
General Contractor:  Bowen Construction

How big is your property and building?

North Point Community Church
Property 83 acres
Building 226,300 sq. ft. (one story)

Browns Bridge Church
Property 43.9 acres + 15 acres leased
Building 140,000 sq. ft. (w/2nd level Admin offices)

Buckhead Church
Property 2.4 acres
Building 200,000 sq.ft. (4 stories + 3 level parking deck below)

Woodstock City Church
Property 32 acres
Building 177,000 sq.ft.

Gwinnett Church
Property 50.6 acres
Building 87,600 sq.ft.

Who uses your facility?

The majority of the events held at our campuses are church-related events associated with our mission. Every event that occurs on our campus must align with our mission and must be shepherded by one of our ministries.

What kind of security do you have?

Tyco currently supplies all campuses with burglar alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring and inspections, CCTV surveillance, and a building card access system. An officer accompanies our senior pastor on Sunday during all services. We also utilize a daily weekday guard service at our Buckhead campus.

Why did you build two auditoriums instead of one big one at NPCC?

Quite honestly, we grew faster than we could build! The construction and success of the second auditorium led to our multiple campus vision. We currently have worship services running simultaneously in the two auditoriums. Each auditorium has live worship and then there is a live feed of the sermon from the east auditorium into the west auditorium. We stream live to all of our Atlanta-area campuses on Sunday morning and show a video of the same sermon at all of the campuses during the evening services.

By developing multiple campuses, we are able to reach people in many different areas and create environments relevant to their community that can lead them to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

What kind of calendar system do you use?

We use a Web-based calendar system called eSPACE. Each campus calendar coordinator administers the system.

What kind of systems do you use to track maintenance requests, key/FOB requests, building modification requests, Coke orders and vehicle registrations?

We use a web-based software system called Web Help Desk. The system provides tracking for our facilities directors and techs to keep up with the various requests.