Unfortunately, our logos are not available for download or purchase. However, the names “Transit” and “InsideOut” are not trademarked, so if you are handy with Photoshop, you are welcome to make your own version of a “Transit” or “InsideOut” logo.

We write all of our curriculum in-house and it is not available for purchase, however, it is available to all of our strategic partner churches.

The typical Sunday is predictably unpredictable. The schedule for the blocks of programming—hosting, music, talk, and small group—is the same each week. However, the creativity that is applied to those elements changes.

Transit students are placed in groups based on grade, gender, and school. InsideOut students are placed in groups based on grade, gender, and the area they live in.

We use staff and outside speakers. However, regardless of the communicator, a staff member prepares talk notes to ensure that communicators set up small group discussions well.

Yes, middle school student can serve alongside their parents in Waumba Land, UpStreet, and Guest Services. High school students are encouraged to serve through Student Impact (SI). SI is an opportunity for students to learn what it means to “be the church” by serving. Our students are trained and equipped by the leaders in Waumba Land, UpStreet, KidStuf, and Transit. This not only benefits the ministry area by providing volunteers, but creates a huge leadership opportunity for high school students.

Our small group leaders are all ages and from various backgrounds.  Most important, they need to be on board with our mission to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. They are then interviewed by a staff member and must submit a background check and agree to the North Point Ministries’ Family Covenant. Other requirements include a commitment to lead their students through their middle school or high school years, attend monthly leader meetings, and attend major events throughout the year.

We show appreciation every chance we get. We have treats for them at leader meetings, provide unlimited snacks and drinks at events, provide free T-shirts for every event,  “thank-you” dinners and small gifts throughout the year. We also try to plan one or two leader socials during the year to provide a fun way to build community amongst the leaders. Volunteers attend special events (camps and retreats) free of charge.

Volunteer opportunities include host team, kitchen team, childcare for our small group leaders, security team, and production team.

Leaders receive an email midweek with an overview of the upcoming Sunday’s talk, bottom line, Scripture, and a selection of questions to facilitate the discussion.

That depends. If students who are already in small groups come with new friends, and the friends are the same grade and gender, the new students will go to small group with their friends. If students come for the first time on their own, at our larger campuses, they go to the new student environments: “OnDeck” (Transit) or “Connect” (InsideOut). At our smaller campuses, those students are placed in small groups based on the regular small group criteria.

The basic staff positions are: campus director, administrator/logistics coordinator, room technician, male groups’ director, and female groups’ director.

We have interns (called LDPs) that are part of our Leadership Development Program. They earn a small stipend and essentially are considered part of our staff while working with our team(s) for a school year.

In Transit, our primary communication with parents is through the small group leader, email, and Facebook. We use Facebook Live to stream all of our talks on Sundays and at camp, and we have parent meetings at pivotal moments throughout middle school. For more information, please visit our parent page.

For InsideOut parents . . .
Our goal is for leaders to walk alongside parents as they navigate the difficult high school years by creating consistent communication.

Our staff communicates with parents through email. We also host an annual open house to give them the opportunity to attend a typical InsideOut and to get a better idea of what happens on Sundays.