The Inevitable Implosion

Today, I’d like to talk about something that I’m horrible at—conflict and confrontation. Fun topic, I know. The thought of confronting someone makes my heart pound in my throat. Even writing this now, I’m getting nervous! What’s funny is after doing strengths tests, my results show that, theoretically, I should be quite good at confrontation…. [Read more]

Motion Graphics + The Creative Process

In my role as a motion graphics artist, I’m often asked to create motion graphics that compliment a video piece we are working on.  This can take the form of visual effects, end tags, boards, infographics, backgrounds, titles, menus, etc.  While these graphics can each have different purposes depending on what is required of them,… [Read more]

We’re Hiring: Lead Motion Designer (FILLED)

UPDATE 8/25/14: This position has been filled. Thank you all for your inquiries! ATTENTION Motion Graphics wizards! Are you a highly skilled, highly motivated designer who would love to be surrounded by great people in a collaborative, healthy, full-time environment? Do you have a heart for reaching people through the local church? Do you feel… [Read more]


I’m a graphic designer and, when it comes to doing a project that involves any sort of creativity, I always feel like by the time I get to the finished product that there’s something missing, or that it could be better. I can’t say that this happens to everyone, but when I talk to other… [Read more]

Making Your Workflows Transferrable

Knowledge is essential to making everything work. People use the knowledge they have or seek new knowledge in order to accomplish certain tasks. In the creative world, we depend on people who know how to do certain things. Some know how to edit, some know how to produce, some know how the computer network is… [Read more]

Message Series Teasers

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the teaser trailer for Inception. All I can remember thinking was, “I have no clue what that is about, but I want to see it SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!” Think of the most compelling trailers you’ve seen. They’re exciting and intriguing, they give you a hint of what the… [Read more]

Create It Like You Stole It

Paublo Picaso said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” I like to imagine that Picasso painted a picture of a mic and dropped it immediately after saying this. When it comes to creating, this is my favorite saying second only to “would you like more coffee?” When working on a project—be it a video, web… [Read more]

Be Good ≠ Get Better

We work in creative jobs. We’re expected to be creative and come up with the best idea for a project we have been tasked with. We want to look competent and worth our salary. You strive for this perfection with the hopes that one day your team will be chanting your name in the streets… [Read more]

Don’t Get “Lucky” on Your Next Video

I’m probably the least experienced member of the Media team. I graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in Social Work (proof that it doesn’t matter what your plan is…God’s plan prevails!) and learned production by getting thrown in the bull pen with zero context! I had some incredibly talented creatives take me… [Read more]

The K.I.S.S. Approach

When one hears the phrase “Keep it simple, stupid” it’s often a reminder to stop over complicating something. However, when a designer takes a minimal approach to a particular design, on the surface it may be viewed as taking the easy way out. But the reality is, when it’s done well, this approach often takes the most amount… [Read more]