Create It Like You Stole It


Paublo Picaso said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” I like to imagine that Picasso painted a picture of a mic and dropped it immediately after saying this. When it comes to creating, this is my favorite saying second only to “would you like more coffee?” When working on a project—be it a video, web… [Read more]

Be Good ≠ Get Better


We work in creative jobs. We’re expected to be creative and come up with the best idea for a project we have been tasked with. We want to look competent and worth our salary. You strive for this perfection with the hopes that one day your team will be chanting your name in the streets… [Read more]

Don’t Get “Lucky” on Your Next Video

Macro Drawing

I’m probably the least experienced member of the Media team. I graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in Social Work (proof that it doesn’t matter what your plan is…God’s plan prevails!) and learned production by getting thrown in the bull pen with zero context! I had some incredibly talented creatives take me… [Read more]

The K.I.S.S. Approach


When one hears the phrase “Keep it simple, stupid” it’s often a reminder to stop over complicating something. However, when a designer takes a minimal approach to a particular design, on the surface it may be viewed as taking the easy way out. But the reality is, when it’s done well, this approach often takes the most amount… [Read more]

Project Management Prosperity


In this world, I believe there are two types of people: Those who believe that all of the world’s problems can be solved using an Excel spreadsheet. (a.k.a. systems people) Those who cringe at the mention of one. (a.k.a non-systems people) If you have any sort of responsibilities relating to project management, you probably fall… [Read more]

Good to Great

Basketball jump - dark silhouettes

Every Sunday night, I take my two kids to basketball training. It lasts 90 minutes and it’s pretty intense. The lead trainer always has a leadership quote to share with the kids and throughout practice he looks for ways to illustrate his point. This past Sunday was no exception. The leadership nugget he shared with… [Read more]

Four Ideas to Help Create an Engaging Announcement Video 


If you’re familiar with North Point Ministries at all, you may have heard of or seen our weekly announcement video—the TenBefore. This video plays in each one of our campuses before the service begins, and its mission is to simply engage and inform. Here’s an example of North Point’s TenBefore from last week: The TenBefore… [Read more]

I’m Richer Than I Thought I Was


You ever have one of those pinch me moments? You know, when you realize you’re lucky enough to be a part of something truly amazing? That’s exactly what happened to me while I was working on Be Rich. Back Story: For the past few years, North Point Ministries has partnered with some incredible non- profit… [Read more]

How we connected more than 60 people in less than 3 minutes


How we connected 60+ people in less than 3 minutes The re:group conference is a place where small group leaders from across the country come to learn the latest strategies for connecting people in their churches. Inspired by SoulPancake’s Chatterbox, we decided to put our small group connection strategy where our mouth is. So, the… [Read more]

Five Things to Help Grow Your Volunteer Media Team


One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is how to develop and train volunteer media teams. And while we don’t often have volunteers on our team, we know that they are an integral part of a lot of church media teams. So, since we aren’t as experienced in that area, we… [Read more]