Getting Guests to Engage

Why and How We Changed How People Take Next Steps at North Point (from NEXT to the Studio) Many great ideas eventually become like old couches. You know…that old couch in your grandmother’s living room that used to look nice but now looks old. No one sits on it because it’s not comfortable. But no… [Read more]

guest SERVICEs

A few months ago my family and I went to Disney World. To make the long trip to the most magical place on earth, we rented a van from a well-known car rental chain. We piled in with all our gear and set off for a week of fun, relaxation, and memory making. About twenty… [Read more]

Do Something Unexpected

Recently, I purchased three whiteboards for our house. After installing two of the whiteboards, I realized the third one was not needed. Intending to return it, I ended up leaving it in my garage until I realized the 90-day return policy would shortly be over. In fact, I only had one day left. I loaded… [Read more]

First Things First

With all of the time that I have spent working in the area of guest services, I have heard a lot of discussion around the idea of 2nd mile service. You’ve probably heard it too. Second mile services are the behaviors we exhibit and services we offer that create a “wow” experience for our guests. They… [Read more]

The Most Important Part Of Drive 2013

Our Drive Conference starts next week! It’s one of our favorite times of the year! It’s so humbling to have leaders from around the world come to our North Point campus, and it’s such an honor to talk with them and learn from them. When you attend a conference, there are certain expectations you have…. [Read more]

How To Create A Great First Impression

“First impressions can greatly impact the emotion consumers feel for a brand. What are first impressions like for your customers?” – The Disney Institute via Twitter What a great question for churches to ask! Every Sunday you create a first impression. When guests first experience your church, they feel something towards your church. Ultimately, the first impression… [Read more]

How To Handle Complaints

Guest Services influences every single guest (all ages and stages of life) on a Sunday morning. No other volunteer team can say that. The preschool environment influences preschoolers and their parents. The worship leader and Lead Pastor influence the people who come into the auditorium. But the Guest Services team influences every person who comes… [Read more]

What Are Your Combustion Points?

We have a problem at our Browns Bridge campus. It’s the kind of problem that can turn a guest’s great experience into a bad experience. Mom and dad can love our worship service. Little Johnny can love UpStreet. Little Suzy can love Waumba Land. And that positive feeling can go away by what happens next…. [Read more]

When People Leave Your Service Early

In the last post, we talked about what to do with guests who arrive late to your worship service. It is more of a tension to manage than a problem to solve. In response to that post, Deni from LCBC in Pennsylvania asked, “Our question is why do we have the crowd that leaves early,… [Read more]

What Do You Do With Late Arrivers?

We recently had the opportunity to talk with some leaders from different states about Guest Services in their churches. During the conversation, we learned something very interesting. We’re not the only church to which people come very late. Apparently, people all over the United States arrive late to church every Sunday. Do you have this… [Read more]