Our Resources ministry began in response to local church attendees who were requesting a way to keep and share copies of Andy’s sermons. We launched our ministry offering only audio cassette tapes of the Sunday message sold at folding tables in the back of our meeting space. Over time, we have expanded our offerings and launched an online store with the aim of equipping church leaders with resources that could help them create churches for unchurched people.

Our ministry is self-funded. All operational costs for NPR are met through the sale of products and through donations given specifically to North Point Resources. Proceeds are reinvested in our ministry and any net profits at the end of the fiscal year are donated to North Point Ministries.

Tithing and money from Sunday collections is never used to fund the production of resources or the staff required to operate our ministry.

We have a full-time staff that manages product development, inventory management, store operations, online order fulfillment, marketing, business operations, and publishing and distribution partnerships.

Additionally, our distribution center and three local church bookstores manage approximately 270 ministry volunteers. Our distribution center volunteers pack and ship orders from our online store daily. And our local church bookstore volunteers staff the stores on Sundays and assist with inventory management during the week.


Point of sale (i.e., registers) and inventory management: POSIM
     We additionally use Lightspeed and/or Square for special projects.

E-commerce store platform: Magento

Customer service software: Zendesk

Email marketing: Mailchimp

Database management: Salesforce

Distribution center shipping/postage software: Hasler

Our aim is to export helpful, relevant content to ministry and church leaders. We understand that not everything produced here at North Point is easily scaled or used by others. But if we can save you the time and energy required to produce a curriculum, environment, music tool, or sermon outline, we’re committed to share.

Sermon preparation: Our Message Series Kits contain sermon transcripts, outlines, and Sunday morning production tools.

Leadership training: We have leadership DVDs, many already formatted for study with group discussion questions.

Worship/Sunday morning music: We offer multi-track tools and core packages. Visit northpointmusic.org to learn more about our artists and albums.

Group curriculum: We have study guides for a number of sermon series and many of our DVDs are “groups enabled,” offering short sermon clips followed by discussion questions.

New Christians: The Starting Point curriculum has been specifically developed as a 10-week conversation for those new to faith or those with questions about God and the Bible.

All available resources can be viewed at northpointstore.com.