• In a survey of attendees, 60 percent wanted information about how to take a next step, rather than remain anonymous.
  • It introduces people to our church and provides an opportunity to communicate our mission, vision, strategy, and areas for involvement.
  • Some people may not be aware of the options for next steps, and we can't assume people know which next steps they should take.
  • 10B4
  • Sunday morning bulletin
  • Church website
  • Information table
  • Stage announcement the day of (which has the biggest impact on attendance)

NEXT is an environment for those who . . .

  • Are new to the church.
  • Are interested in finding out more about the church.
  • Want to get involved but don't know what the next steps are.

No registration is needed to attend NEXT. People interested in attending NEXT just show up that day.

NEXT is a one-time orientation environment that occurs in-between the services on Sundays. The frequency varies by church (see below for these variations).

  • At North Point Community Church, NEXT occurs the second and fourth Sundays of the month.
  • At Buckhead Church, NEXT occurs the second Sunday of the month.
  • At Browns Bridge Church, NEXT occurs the second Sunday of the month.
  • At Woodstock City Church, NEXT occurs the first Sunday of the month.
  • At Gwinnett Church, NEXT occurs the second Sunday of the month.

Childcare is offered for birth through 5th grade, and children are allowed to attend with parents if they would prefer. The format for how childcare is handled varies by church. At some churches, staff or an approved contractor takes care of the kids, while at other churches the children stay in our Family Ministry environments.

A 10–15 minute presentation by one of our staff members, as well as a 4-minute video of Andy explaining our three environments (Foyer, Living Room, and Kitchen Table). At the end, attendees are free to ask questions and get more information on our different ministry areas.

Staff from our various ministry environments communicate at NEXT.

We encourage the attendees to either take a step in one of our ministry areas or to join a service team (strategic service). Attendees can indicate their interest in these two options by checking boxes on their Information Cards. This does not automatically sign them up to volunteer. It's just indicating a desire for more information.

Attendees of NEXT receive:

  1. A 3-part message by Andy (Imagine)
  2. An Information Card for us to gather demographic information
  3. A booklet that explains our mission, strategy, and vision
  4. A card explaining our various church environments
  5. A card listing various upcoming ministry dates
  6. A booklet that explains our strategy for spiritual growth
  7. A card explaining resources for various seasons of life

(Click here to view the contents of the Information Packet.)

Copies of the Information Card are distributed to the selected ministry areas. We ask our staff to follow up on these inquiries within 48 hours.

  • The communicator presents the NEXT content.
  • The producer/coordinator is responsible for NEXT A/V, room, and environment prep. He/she also collects the Information Cards.
  • Two or three other staff/volunteers greet and answer questions from attendees.