Creativity Can Change Lives

Check out the creativity that is reaching students and getting them connected at our partner church in Moldova!

The Problem: How do we start small groups at Metro, the high school environment of God’s Design Church in Chisinua, Moldova?

Contributing Factors: 60% of the students are not believers.

A Solution: Alyona, the Service Programming Director, came up with an idea for the summer.  Metro divided the students into 5 teams of 20, each led by a staff member, for an 8-week competition called “Love, Fun, Rock and Roll” to teach them to express love while experiencing community. The five groups discuss questions given to them at Metro after Andre speaks, and during the week they do loving things for others, sending pictures of what they do, such as passing out balloons or ice cream to kids. Points are given based on how the students serve others, and at the end of the summer the winning team gets to spend a weekend at a huge house with a pool, a DJ, and food!

The Outcome: Three weeks ago they launched this at Metro and it was the best Metro they ever had, and the next week was even better with energy and excitement from giving the teams assignments for the competition and discussing what they had been doing so far. Students who were not friends are becoming friends!  This living room environment is changing Metro. When the competition is over, they will take the teams and form small groups out of them this fall!

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