You Can Win!



My Big Backyard is a fully downloadable 9-week preschool curriculum to teach kids that God is a good friend and show them how they can be a good friend too!

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The Big Idea of GRACE


This month we’re talking about the Big Idea of Grace with our elementary-aged kids.

Grace is a BIG idea. It’s the biggest. It covers everything. It makes things right. It keeps no record of wrongs. Basically, when God gave us … [Read more]

Free Sample! Summer Preschool Curriculum


We created this 9-week preschool curriculum for our kids! Last summer we took them on an exciting adventure and introduced them to some pretty fabulous buggy friends. Our kids loved it!

We wanted our preschoolers to learn that God is … [Read more]

Smart Leaders know WE is better than ME


Whether they are solving a problem or creating something new, leaders want results. The best leaders have learned they don’t know everything. They’ve decided it’s not about who gets the credit; it’s about moving toward the desired goal. Successful leaders … [Read more]

FREE Live Lyric for “Trust in You”

Trust in You

That’s right! We’re giving away our live lyric for our new song “Trust in You” for FREE! This song is a part of our new SHINE! album which you can find HERE.

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