New! North Point Christmas CD


Normally we talk about music for kids, but this time it’s for you. As we head into the Christmas season, I think everyone should have this album. My favorite song on the album is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

I … [Read more]

Set Your Volunteers Up For Success


What is it like to be a volunteer on your team? Gather your team together, put up a creative board, and start describing what it’s like to serve on your team. Better yet, invite some volunteers to the meeting and … [Read more]

You Can Win!



My Big Backyard is a fully downloadable 9-week preschool curriculum to teach kids that God is a good friend and show them how they can be a good friend too!

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The Big Idea of GRACE


This month we’re talking about the Big Idea of Grace with our elementary-aged kids.

Grace is a BIG idea. It’s the biggest. It covers everything. It makes things right. It keeps no record of wrongs. Basically, when God gave us … [Read more]

Free Sample! Summer Preschool Curriculum


We created this 9-week preschool curriculum for our kids! Last summer we took them on an exciting adventure and introduced them to some pretty fabulous buggy friends. Our kids loved it!

We wanted our preschoolers to learn that God is … [Read more]