Volunteer Kick Off Video

A great story that celebrates the influence of a small group leader in the life of a child. We shared this with all of our volunteers last fall as we kicked off the new ministry year together. Enjoy!


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Are You Grateful?


I bet if I asked if you were grateful for what your volunteers and staff do, you would say “Absolutely!” My next questions would be, “How do they know? What’s your plan?”

You can feel grateful all day long, but … [Read more]

Set Your Volunteers Up For Success


What is it like to be a volunteer on your team? Gather your team together, put up a creative board, and start describing what it’s like to serve on your team. Better yet, invite some volunteers to the meeting and … [Read more]

Volunteers Who Get It


People often ask me how we motivate our volunteers.

I find that when volunteers are given real opportunities to minister to others, they require very little motivation. They experience first-hand what God wants to do through them. They understand what … [Read more]

100 Almost Free Ways to Appreciate Volunteers

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

A few weeks ago we met with all of our KidMin staff and brainstormed for 30 minutes on free or nearly free ways we can appreciate our volunteers. Our goal was to come up with 100 ideas!

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