Last month our multi-campus children’s ministry staff got away together for a few days. We had fun! We worked hard.

We got quiet.

We were together at SharpTop Cove. It was a beautiful mountain retreat. It was so easy to … [Read more]



We just got back from a staff retreat at SharpTop Cove. We worked hard. I promise we did. But we had FUN too!

As we are growing from three campuses to FIVE (help!), we knew it was important to invest … [Read more]

My Favorite Interview Questions


A good interview is like an exploration for the next great teammate. You’re not just looking at character, attitude, and skill…you’re looking for the perfect “fit”. You’re thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the existing team. You’re looking for … [Read more]

On The Job

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing

Mandee (one of our UpStreet Directors) sent me the following list a few weeks ago. It was a list of “best practices” compiled by several of our Groups Directors. I thought you might like to see the details of … [Read more]



I am frustrated by lost opportunity.

Our team is reading the book The EMyth Revisited. As we were discussing the book, we got into a discussion about what frustrates us the most.

For me, it’s lost opportunity.

You know … [Read more]