Make Better Decisions

Businessman Forward Path

Twice a month Gina Ragsdale  (NPM UpStreet Director) and I work with a team of leaders and walk them through a development session. It’s a place where we can invest in our leaders and encourage discussion and debate. This is [Read more]

Are You Grateful?


I bet if I asked if you were grateful for what your volunteers and staff do, you would say “Absolutely!” My next questions would be, “How do they know? What’s your plan?”

You can feel grateful all day long, but … [Read more]

Set Your Volunteers Up For Success


What is it like to be a volunteer on your team? Gather your team together, put up a creative board, and start describing what it’s like to serve on your team. Better yet, invite some volunteers to the meeting and … [Read more]

Smart Leaders know WE is better than ME


Whether they are solving a problem or creating something new, leaders want results. The best leaders have learned they don’t know everything. They’ve decided it’s not about who gets the credit; it’s about moving toward the desired goal. Successful leaders … [Read more]

Small Group Leaders Make It Stick


On Sunday night I read a post from one of our UpStreet (K-5th grade) small group leaders. As I read it I knew that this was a great example of why I’m such a big believer in consistent small groups … [Read more]