You Can Win!



My Big Backyard is a fully downloadable 9-week preschool curriculum to teach kids that God is a good friend and show them how they can be a good friend too!

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Free Sample! Summer Preschool Curriculum


We created this 9-week preschool curriculum for our kids! Last summer we took them on an exciting adventure and introduced them to some pretty fabulous buggy friends. Our kids loved it!

We wanted our preschoolers to learn that God is … [Read more]

New Products for Kids


So we are about to launch into a great week with our Drive13 crowd! We’re excited!

We are also releasing several new products. I’m excited about these products because these are all pieces that we’ve taught our kids over the … [Read more]

Take A Look @ Sunday, March 4


Sunday was a busy, packed day! I had a chance to do a whole lot of observing.

Here’s what happened:

  • Launched the Big Idea of Honor
  • Watched KidStuf Live
  • Hosted visiting churches for Sunday’s at North Point
  • Observed the crowded
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Celebrating our Valentines!


Valentine’s Day is a GREAT to day to tell our volunteers how much we love them. We decided to include our parents and go all out to share the love.

This is the artwork for the balloons.

We ordered a … [Read more]