New Products for Kids


So we are about to launch into a great week with our Drive13 crowd! We’re excited!

We are also releasing several new products. I’m excited about these products because these are all pieces that we’ve taught our kids over the … [Read more]

5 Campuses. 1 Mission.


Last week we gathered all of the KidMin staff from each campus together for a two-day retreat. We learned, listened, planned, created, laughed, and played. It was a great couple of days!

The purpose of this retreat was to help … [Read more]

Take A Look @ Sunday, March 4


Sunday was a busy, packed day! I had a chance to do a whole lot of observing.

Here’s what happened:

  • Launched the Big Idea of Honor
  • Watched KidStuf Live
  • Hosted visiting churches for Sunday’s at North Point
  • Observed the crowded
[Read more]

Taking Prayer Home


We are just wrapping up the Big Idea of Prayer with our elementary aged kids. You can see what we taught on UpStreet here.

Our goal was to get parents and kids praying together at home.

Here’s what we did [Read more]

Storytelling and the Hunger Games


A few months ago I picked up theĀ Hunger Games. I started reading it early one Saturday morning and couldn’t put it down. I’ve now read all three books in the series.

It’s been a while since a great … [Read more]