7 Ways to Get Kids in the Bible


In January we focused on the big idea of Discipline. We hoped to inspire our kids to grow stronger in their relationship with God by spending time in his word. We want our kids to know that the Bible is no ordinary book.

Each week we taught our kids that the Bible helps us know what it true, do what is right, and correct our mistakes. We packaged this all into a theme called The Big Game and encouraged our kids to be disciplined to work their Game Plan.


7 Ways to Get Kids in the Bible:

1. Make sure your approach is age appropriate.

Don’t expect a kindergartener to have the same kind of quiet time and Bible reading plan as a 5th grader. This year we made a special God Time flip calendar just for our 5th graders.

2. Give them a consistent plan.

We have tried several plans in the past and will continue to try new things in the future. Right now we are sending home a Parent Card (See an example here) each week with a highlight of the Bible stories and memory verse. We encourage parents to help their kids read the stories and talk about them with their kids.

3. Model for them.

We encourage our small group leaders to make the connection from the Big Idea to what God is teaching them personally. We also encourage our parents to talk about what they are learning from God’s word and the Big Idea through KidStuf every month.

4. Teach them that the Bible is a source of wisdom.

Remind kids that God tells us exactly how he wants us to live in his word. So when they have questions or are unsure what they should do, they can turn to the Bible.

5. Make it FUN!

It’s your job as small group leaders and storytellers to make the Bible come to life for kids. One week we taught how Jesus was tempted by Satan. Can you imagine what moment that must have been? Never, ever present the Bible in a boring light to kids. Make it so enticing they can’t wait to dig in.

6. Make it real.

Kids need help understanding how some of the principles in the Bible apply to them. It’s our job to give them a ton of examples and to show that God’s word is relevant and real for their lives today.

7. Memorize It.

Nothing puts God’s word in your heart like the practice and discipline of memorization. We don’t do this every month, but this month we had a contest—complete with prizes—for those who learned their memory verse. The kids got into it!

A couple of our Small Group Leaders helped their small group learn this month’s verse (Joshua 1:8). They put the verse to a One Direction song. Check it out!

Here are a couple of our kids who learned the verse this month:

You and I know that the Bible is God’s words to us. It’s living and breathing and powerful. Now it’s our job to hide it in the hearts of our kids.

How do you get your kids into the Bible?

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