Small Group Leaders Make It Stick

istock_000014995721largeOn Sunday night I read a post from one of our UpStreet (K-5th grade) small group leaders. As I read it I knew that this was a great example of why I’m such a big believer in consistent small groups for children.

Only a leader who really knows her kids would realize that they needed some help understanding the message. And only a leader who really gets her kids could find a way to take a powerful message and make it stick. But the really great leaders, have the power to turn lettuce into boogers.

Check out this awesome post from Jenna Scott’s Blog, Quiet E-Musings.

Lettuce into Boogers

Today at church I had to turn lettuce into boogers.

The teach was from James 1:22-24. The passage where you look into a mirror, and if you walk away unchanged you are deceiving yourself.

The storyteller did a fantabulous job of using a square of green construction paper to act out having a piece of lettuce in her teeth, looking in the mirror, seeing the lettuce, and choosing to leave it there. The lesson was great, I totally got it and was even tearing up a little bit feeling convicted at the words she was saying.

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