Taking Prayer Home

We are just wrapping up the Big Idea of Prayer with our elementary aged kids. You can see what we taught on UpStreet here.

Our goal was to get parents and kids praying together at home.

Here’s what we did to partner with parents in February:

We invited them to KidStuf LIVE!

We sent home this Parent Card.

The front had an overview of the month.


The back had our Family Night instructions.


We gave parents the inside scoop!

And made sure they had all of the right information to make their family prayer time a success.

One of my favorite things!

During KidStuf LIVE we had families write down a prayer request and pass it to another family in the room. We challenged everyone to take that card and pray for the family’s requests written on the card. We have heard such incredible stories from this simple activity. Prayer requests for fathers in Afaganastan to families struggling with additiction.

Our families are dealing with some big stuff.

How great is it that we can talk to the One who created the entire world?

I love that He tells us to,¬†“Call on me and I will tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.”¬†Jeremiah 33:3

How did you partner with parents this month?

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