Celebrating our Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is a GREAT to day to tell our volunteers how much we love them. We decided to include our parents and go all out to share the love.


This is the artwork for the balloons.

We ordered a ton and filled our hallways.

Balloons make everything more festive and make a big impression on kids and volunteers.


All of our staff will wear this t-shirt all month long!


We created this valentine card, emailed it to parents, and made it available to them on Sunday morning. We plan to tape them all around the door frames of each volunteer’s classroom.

We sent this email to all of our parents to get them involved in the fun!

Hey Parents!

This month we are learning to love God with all our hearts. Waumba Land would not be able to share this with our kids without the help of our incredible volunteers. That’s why we want to partner with you in showing these individuals some Valentine’s Day love!

This Sunday, February 12, we are asking you to bring Valentines to your kids’ classroom leaders letting them know how grateful you are for their commitment to serving your family. Here’s how we will help make it easy:

1. Print the attached Valentine, cut it out, decorate it, and write a note.

2. Or, pick up a printed copy on Sunday at the main entrance to Waumba Land.

Feeling especially creative? Have your kids draw pictures, create their own cards, or purchase Valentines that they pick out. Whatever you decide, just drop them off at your kids’ classrooms THIS Sunday (February 12).

Thanks for showing our volunteers some love!

The Waumba Land Team

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Let your volunteers know how much you love them!


  1. These look great.

    Can other churches order from your sources?

  2. Yeah! Glad you are back :). Love this idea so much. We are doing something similar for St. Pat’s since it is falling on a weekend this year so this is really helpful. Quick questions….Where did you get the balloons from? and where do you order your tshirts from or do you make them yourself? thanks!

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