New Song! Unlock the Power!


This summer we produced a new song called Unlock the Power. We’ve been using it with our kids for the past three months and they love it.

So we thought we would share!

Take a listen: unlock-the-power-final-mix

Here are the details:

The original music was produced for worship on UpStreet, the elementary environment of North Point Ministries. Each North Point Music Accompaniment track is fully downloadable in an MP3 format from your North Point store account. It includes a digital version of the song that can be used for performances both with and without background vocals. It also includes a lyric sheet.

*We also included a LIVE Lyric video!

This song connects well when teaching kids the following concepts:

God is the one true God
God is powerful
Standing up to the enemy
Looking to God as a source of strength
I can do all things through Christ
Confidence in God
God is our ultimate Superhero

FInd it at the North Point Store!


  1. Do you have the chords for this song?

    • Maria Harman says:

      Hi Dawn,
      That’s a good question! I’m sure we have them, but we haven’t talked about distribution yet. I’ll bring it up to the team. Thanks!

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