This year we launched a NEW strategy to connect with our parents.

We dabbled in the world of social media with our parents last year and this year we decided to jump in and give it our full attention.

We want to partner with our parents. We BELIEVE that they are the greatest influencers and leaders of their kids. It’s our goal to be their greatest fan and biggest supporter.

We want to make it easy for parents to talk to their kids about God’s Big Ideas all week long at home. So, we decided to make a concerted effort to place everything they need to know right in the palm of their hands. We also believe that most parents want to work  in simple connections to spiritual things at natural times of the day. They want it to be comfortable. And we believe those small connections multiplied day after day in a child’s life will add up to something big.

We currently have 5 campuses. It’s also our desire to make our relationship with families feel personalized to their campus. We want them to easily find events and information that they need as it relates to their campus and as it relates to what their child is learning.

Here’s what we did:

1. Created a twitter account for each campus.

We created: @gwinnettkids, @brownsbridgekid, @buckheadkids, @northpointkids, and @watermarkekids

Goal: To interact with parents and connect them to the information that they need. We also want to make it easy for us to solve problems or answer questions.

2. Created a facebook page for each campus.

We created: Gwinnett ParentStuf, Browns Bridge ParentStuf, Buckhead ParentStuf, North Point ParentStuf, and Watermarke ParentStuf

Goal: This is a landing page that will push parents to our enviornment specific pages – Waumba Land, UpStreet, KidStuf. This allows our campus pastors to personalize any announcements by directing parents to facebook.

3. Created landing pages for existing facebook pages. (Waumba Land, UpStreet, KidStuf)

Goal: To create a friendlier welcome and to give parents easy access to all 3 pages from one location.

4. Created ParentStuf Blog. (

Goal: To create a place to inspire and equip parents to talk to their kids (or play with their kids…or pray with their kids) about God’s Big Ideas.

5. Created ParentStuf App. (for iphone, ipad, droid)

Goal: To put simple ideas into the hands of parents and make it as user friendly as possible. We want to connect parents to this information in a simple, helpful format.

We are launching the ParentStuf App this Sunday and the blog has been live for several weeks. It’s too early for me to give you an idea of success, but I promise to follow up and let you know how it’s going.

This was a really big project that required the hard work of a team of creative geniuses. It was such a pleasure to work with Matt McKee and the entire R04R team. I can’t recommend them enough.

Here’s a little more information about R04R! Our mission is simple – to see as much faith based content on mobile platforms as possible. We currently develop iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and HTML5 apps for non-profits and those that serve non-profits. We also believe that mobile apps and social networking can’t be separated. We want to help support your cause by getting the message, vision, and mission onto the one device that people carry with them where ever they go, their phone.


  1. I love the idea of social media for keeping in touch with parents. I use email and personal Facebook for keeping in touch and announcements. It seems that, for us atleast, we could have a one stop shop for all of this. I have thought about creating a Facebook page for parents. It is interactive and you can make announcements/blog all on one page. I know that not all of my parents use the internet very much so it may be better to just use one of these. What do you see as the positive for using more than one social media site? And why that would be better than just using one?

    • Hi Daniel,

      What we’ve noticed is that different people connect to social media in different ways. Some only use Twitter, some are on Facebook quite a bit, some like blogs, and some use their phone for everything. So the blog is the hub for the larger amounts of information and all of the other social media avenues are used to communicate this information out to parents. The goal is not to get parents to connect to us through all of these different ways. The goal is to connect with a parent in the way that they personally use social media. Does that make sense?


  2. Is there an app for blackberry? This looks fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the ideas!! I´m a senior pastor of Lugar de Sanidad Church in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

  4. This is great. Always looking for ways to bridge the connection between church and home.

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