Kicking off the Year!

Today was promotion Sunday –   a big day around here!

Hundreds of kids and parents arrived at our campuses ready jump in. Some came for the first time.

Preparation for this day takes months. We really aren’t preparing for just one day. We’re preparing for the whole year.

Where does most of our preparation lie? Volunteers!

We find them, recruit them, meet with them, train them, screen them, apprentice them, and hopefully inspire them.

This year we started the year with a HUGE kick off event!

We planned fun, we asked our campus pastors to communicate, we inspired, we celebrated, and we informed.

Here’s what the program for the day looked like:

1. Opening Video and Live Band Combo.

Of this song:

We created the percussion track using the noises of items found in our children’s environments. The band came in live as the percussion built.

2. Kidmin Staff came out and welcomed everyone.

3. Then we showed this:

4. The Talk. It was given by each campus pastor.

The bottom line of the talk was to encourage our volunteers to be more than just skilled at their role. We wanted to challenge them to engage in the individual stories of the children and families that they would encounter in the coming year. We are not herding the masses, we are leading each individual child into a growing relationship with their Heavenly Father. We have an opportunity, this year, to be a part of each child’s story of faith.

5. The Closer. Live performance of Van Halen’s Right Now.

We created a video similar to this – but with our message.


6. Meet Your Team.

Everyone went to their classroom and met their team, got their t-shirt, and their small group roster.

It was a GREAT day that got us off to a great start for the year.

How did you prepare your volunteers for the upcoming year?


  1. We’ve been super busy writing lessons, shooting videos, freshening up our kids’ rooms, adding some (long-awaited) decor to our hallways, and rectuiting and equipping hundreds of team members to serve. When promotion/kick-off weekend came (las week) we had our 5th largest weekend EVER! And even more amazingly, we had enough amazing people staffed to handle it all!

    P.S. All the videos you guys produce are so slick! Do you have an animator on staff?

    • Congratulations! Sounds like your teams hard work paid off. Don’t you love it when God sends you the volunteers you need. Nothing worse then starting the year without enough help. So glad to hear that it went so well.

      We don’t have an animator on staff. We contract different video editors and graphic artists in the area. Glad you like them.


  2. Michelle NeSmith says:

    What type of information do you ask for on the bio card on your volunteers? do you have a sample?

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