Waumba Land Job Descriptions – Part 2

All of the job descriptions on our Children’s Ministry team can be divided into two categories. Groups and Production. To see how all of these positions connect, you might want to check our Children’s Ministry Organizational Chart.

Our Groups Teams carry heavy responsibilities for volunteers. They are crucial to our success. They are responsible for the health of the groups that our children are in. Check out Part 1 for our Groups Director’s Job Description.

Our Production Teams focus on creating environments and communicating the message. They also lead large teams of volunteers. In addition, they manage the millions of details that go into creating a safe, clean, and engaging environment for our kids.


Sandi Glidewell (Waumba Land Director at Buckhead Church), Jessica, & Courtney

Here are the rest of our Waumba Land (Preschool) Job Descriptions:

Waumba Land Large Group Coordinator

Location: Campus Specific

Reports to:  Director of Waumba Land – campus specific

Hours:  15 per week

Days:  Tuesday and Thursday (9:00 – 1:30) Sunday (8:00 – 1:30)

Job Description:

1.    Connect, support, and inform producers through weekly contact and quarterly meetings.

2.    Manage 12 teams (3 per team) of worship leaders and storytellers who serve on Sundays.

3.    Recruit and train storytellers and worship leaders.

4.    Schedule weekly worship teams.

5.    Purchase all supplies/instruments needed for the large group worship segment.

6.    Evaluate each team on a consistent basis.

7.    Encourage and appreciate the teams throughout the year.

8.    Each Sunday – lead production meeting prior to service.

9.    Attend monthly large group curriculum meetings and contribute with song selections and creative ideas.

10.  Attend Waumba Land events (BabyD, Kick-Off, trainings, retreats, etc.).

11.  Upload all curriculum for all campuses.

12.  Create monthly CD’s for the classroom for all campuses.

13.  Enter and maintain all database information. (Arena)

Waumba Land Curriculum & Hall Coordinator

Location: Campus Specific

Reports to: Group’s Director – campus specific

Hours:  40 per week

Days:  Monday – Thursday (9 – 5) Sunday (8 – 12 noon) In addition – retreats

Job Description:

1.    Meets monthly with small group curriculum team.

2.    Purchase materials needed for curriculum and Sunday morning.

3.    Oversee team of weekly volunteers (4-6 depending on campus).

4.    Organize and distribute curriculum.

5.    Make copies and cut large quantities.

6.    Update snack schedule monthly.

7.    Collect unused curriculum/supplies and restock.

8.    Maintain supply closet (Sunday snacks for children, diapers, wipes, wax paper, trash bags, batteries, etc.).

9.    Maintain curriculum closet (items needed for Sunday morning activities, props, craft paper, etc.).

10.  Maintain supplies in the classrooms.

11.   Support weekday program during the week.

12.   Coordinate with facilities any needs on the hall.

13.   Schedule any maintenance needs.

14.   Recruit, train, and oversee weekday volunteers (6-8).

15.   Order and organize security tags weekly.

16.   Complete laundry throughout the week.

17.   Lead weekly volunteers in extra cleaning.

18.   Support Waumba Land staff with events.

What staff positions do you have in your preschool environment?

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