The Nitty Gritty for New Volunteers: Part 1


It is challenging to get hundreds of new volunteers moving in the same direction with excellence!

We are in the thick of recruiting, training, orientating, apprenticing, and placing new volunteers for the fall. EVERYONE on our team has some responsibility for new volunteers.

We know that our ability to place volunteers who feel prepared, want to stay, and do a great job has EVERYTHING to do with our New Volunteer Process. If we don’t do a good job through this process, then they probably won’t stay. If we don’t do a good job through this process and they do stay, they probably won’t be prepared to do a great job.

There are 12 STEPS in our process.

You might say, “Yikes!” But once you read through them, you will see that you probably follow very similar steps. Between all of our campuses we could easily have 1000 volunteers going through this process. It’s important for us to be specific and systematic so we don’t lose anyone in the process.

I’m sure MOST of the steps are going to seem obvious.

Our teams created them together.

We wrote them down.

Everyone has them.

Everyone does them.

Here we go:

Step 1: We get the name of a potential volunteer. We can receive a name from the push we do in the main service once a year, from another volunteer, from a card that someone fills out requesting more information, from our website, etc.

Step 2: Staff member emails this person and invites him to a New Volunteer Orientation. We use a form email for this step that our staff personalizes.

Orientation Invite Email:


Thank you so much for your willingness to volunteer in UpStreet at North Point Community Church. UpStreet is our environment for kids k – 5th grade. We are excited about the possibility of serving with you.

I am sure you have a lot of questions about how to get involved. The first step is to attend an orientation. At the orientation, you will learn all the details about serving.

Our next orientation is _____________________(date/time). The orientation will be held in ___________________ (room).

Thanks again, and we look forward to talking with you about joining the UpStreet team. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Staff Name

Step 3: Volunteer attends orientation. At this orientation we will cast vision for the environement, discuss job descriptions, let him know where our greatest needs are, and talk about next steps.

We also collect the following paperwork at this point in the process: Application, Background Release Form, Next Step Card, and Reference Form.






We will talk about the NEXT steps in our New Volunteer Process in Part 2.

Question: What is the FIRST step in your New Volunteer Process?


  1. cheryl bentsen says:

    Awesome stuff! thank you Kendra!!! It is a ton of work but so worth it when you do it right and get volunteers to catch the vision and then stick! thank you!

    • Hi Cheryl,
      It is a ton of work. But so worth it! The church is people – serving together – to reach the world.
      Love to see that happening every Sunday all around me.


  2. Sharon Bauer says:

    You are all amazing! I think I forgot to breath until the very end. I have never seen or read anything put our by NorthPoints great childrens team that is less than amazing.
    We enjoyed our tour and Kidstuf after Orange.
    see you next year…..better yet, come visit California.

    • Hi Sharon!
      California sounds awesome! Thank you for the encouragement. So glad it’s helpful!

  3. Michelle NeSmith says:

    I am so happy God has blessed you guys in such a way that HE can use YOU to bless us! Thank you so much.
    Serving HIM together!
    Michelle NeSmith

  4. How often do you have orientations? Also, this is super helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Tracy,
      We have them as often as we need them. So we schedule several in row in the spring when we are heavily recruiting. We would schedule less in the fall. We schedule them as we need them.
      Hope that helps.

  5. You said heavily recruiting in the spring. What does this look like?

    • Hi JC,
      We devote a Sunday service to Strategic Service. Usually Andy or one of our Campus pastor’s speaks to the congregation. We usually add some fun creative elements. The service is devoted to casting vision and valuing those who volunteer. We continue to talk about it and ask for more volunteers over the coming weeks.


  6. We are currently working on our volunteer process. Is there a way I could get a printable version of this great three part series?

  7. Eder Bizutti says:

    It’s amazing post!!!!
    Thanks for share with us!!! I ‘m learning a lot!!
    God Bless You!!!

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