Last month I told the Bible story at our Buckhead Church campus. It was fun to teach our UpStreet kids the story of the Lost Sheep. While I was hanging out backstage with the volunteer team, I noticed how they had personalized their space.

I loved it! There was an orange Christmas tree! There were verses written on the wall. And there was a bulletin board with candid team pictures. It was basically just a backstage space we had carved out for our team to wait in, but they made it their own.


Yes, that’s an orange Christmas tree!


Silver sharpie, red wall, and their favorite verses


Win statements for their volunteer positions and a mirror for those last minute costume checks

How have you personalized your volunteer’s space?


  1. Michelle NeSmith says:

    I was wondering what those “wins” statements were for each of the volunteer positions.

  2. Me too! I’m trying to see it a little larger…but no luck – glass glare. We’re in the process of cleaning up/organizing our green room – so I’ll totally include this in our planning. We sign/write with sharpies on the “backstage” side of our “transportable” family experience set – but this is a great idea for the whiteboard in our regular backstage area. Hey, can you tell us where to go to find the “personality types” for your volunteers…energizer, motivator, etc? One last thing…I’m looking for a photo from the GrowUp conference East Auditorium stage set from 2006?!! Please help. Your blog is SO helpful…thanx!

    • Hi Angie,

      We hand pick our “personality type” communicators. We are always watching and when we see someone we think would be good, we ask them to audition. Many times the kind of person who is good at communicating from kids has past experience and comes to us.

      It would take me forever to find a picture from GrowUp 2006. I’ll see what I can do!

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