We just got back from a staff retreat at SharpTop Cove. We worked hard. I promise we did. But we had FUN too!

As we are growing from three campuses to FIVE (help!), we knew it was important to invest in relationships. We have some new staff, we are super busy, and we are now spending a good deal of our time during the week working from several different locations.

These things work against our ability to connect.

One of the best ways we’ve found to build relationships and create great team memories is to have fun TOGETHER!

Here’s what it looked like for us last week:

camp fire retreat

The first night we had a campfire and s’mores!

Team Trivia retreat

Then we did some late-night team trivia.

Winners Trivia Retreat

There were prizes for the winning team.


And a late-night rehearsal for the next nights Improv show and ¬†our rendition of Bon Jovi’s,Wanted Dead Or Alive.”


We had a cowboy (or cowgirl) dinner with live music.


We got creative with a cake decorating competition.




It was what we like to call a CLOSE SHAVE!


Fun doesn’t always just happen. A super-secret team met for a month before we left to plan the fun. Lots of work, planning, shopping, and rehearsing went into this. Sometimes fun just happens and sometimes it requires intentionality.

What have you done recently to have fun with your team?


  1. Our Children’s Ministry staff went on a 2 day retreat in January and the purpose was 90% relational. We had a blast playing silly camp/youth group style games like “Zip Bon” “Fishbowl” and “Kingdoms.” Having fun definitely brings us together!

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