Great Commission and Candy Land


We just launched the Big Idea of Cooperation. One of the stories that we wanted to teach as a part of Cooperation was the Great Commission. We wanted to show our kids that God could have spread His message in a million, supernatural, amazing ways, but He chose to work through people. Our bottom line? We can ALL help others learn about Jesus.

The creative angle for delivery of the story was super fun. It involved candy, so therefore it was engaging to kids.


Here’s what we did:

  1. We took a large styrofoam ball and painted it blue.
  2. Then we covered it with different kinds of candy to create the land and the water.
  3. We bought some larger suckers to be the disciples. As we introduced each disciple, we put one of the suckers in the world.
  4. We told the story of when Jesus called them together to send them out to the whole world. We described the message that He wanted them to share as a message for NOW and LATER. (Get it? NOW & LATER) The message is for NOW because we can have a relationship with Jesus right NOW. And the message is for LATER because we can live forever with Jesus LATER. We used the words NOW and LATER often in the script.
  5. Next we showed how the message spread all over the world by adding more and more suckers – smaller and different kinds of suckers – ┬áto the world. We explained how the disciples shared the message with people, and then those people shared the message, and then those people shared the message, and on and on and on until the message began to reach the whole world.
  6. We wrapped it up by making the connection to the message being passed down and how it’s important for us to share the message today.
  7. We gave each child a pack of NOW and LATER candies that they could share with a friend, then talked to our kids in small group about WHO they could share the message with.


That’s the idea! Take it and make it your own!

What’s a fun, creative angle you’ve used lately to tell a Bible Story?


  1. thanks…love it!

  2. That’s awesome. Looks good enough to eat!

    I love game and activities you can do with large groups that involve the Lord. I think with youth it is especially important to make things interesting while almost masking the fact they are learning something great.

    Kids Beach Club blog and the Ministry-to-Children website are both great resources for more ideas like this one.

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