Preparing to Communicate to Kids


From time to time I get the opportunity to tell the Bible Story to our kids in both Waumba Land and UpStreet. I love it!

As I hang out backstage with our different volunteers, I can see that everyone has a different way of preparing. Some methods work better than others and some people are more prepared than others.

I hate it when a communicator is not prepared. It always shows and is such a wasted opportunity. If you’re going to communicate to kids, give it your best!  Be prepared. The message is too important to just wing it!

Here’s how I prepare to communicate to kids:

  • I receive the script early in the week and I read it through to get a good sense for what I will be doing and how difficult it will be to memorize or prepare. This lets me know how much preparation time I need to schedule into the week.
  • Two or three days before Sunday, I read the script several times and work on the drama, the pacing, the use of props, and transitions. I practice how I want to deliver the script.
  • On the day before, I start memorizing for real. I write the bottom line for the script at the top of a piece of paper and then I write simple statements that help me break the script into segments so that I teach to certain transitions. This is easier for me than memorizing the script as a whole.  Each point represents a paragraph or two of the script that I am memorizing. The statements are triggers for me and help me to map out where I’m going with the story and know the flow as I memorize.

Here’s an example of my notes from a few weeks ago:


BL: We should celebrate that Jesus is born!

1.     Transition from Never Ending Story opening video to God always had a plan.

2.     Shepherds were taking care of their sheep.

(video segment)

3.     Angels appeared & they were terrified.

4.     Angles told them where they would find Jesus, wrapped in a cloth & lying in a manger.

5.     Host of angels join – celebrating that Jesus is born.

(video segment)

6.     Shepherds go and find Jesus.

7.     Shepherds tell EVERYONE that Jesus is born.

(video segment)

8.     Shepherds celebrate.

9.     God kept his promise. He sent a Savior.

(celebrate video)

10. We should celebrate that Jesus is born – build to Celebrate Song

(worship team comes out)

  • Arrive early and practice on the stage with the props. I’ve found several times that I misunderstood the prop or needed to work through where I would stand or where lighting cues would be. I practice several times without my script.
  • I keep practicing until I go on. I’m not great at memorizing so I have to keep the script in my short term-memory until right before I go up!

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that we’ve wasted an opportunity to communicate a clear and engaging message to our kids. Nobody does a perfect job, but preparation will carry you a long way towards creating an excellent experience.

How do you prepare to communicate to kids?


  1. will you have a day for K-5th grade

    • Hi Michelle,
      We will eventually! I don’t know when yet, but I’ll post it on the blog when we get it set up. I would highly recommend you come for Drive Conference if you can!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely going to use some of your excellent methods and ideas!

  3. Bobby Perrotti says:

    Hi Kendra!

    I’m a volunteer, preparing to give a workshop at my church ( this weekend for our elementary large group communicators. Thanks for this post; I remembered it from a couple years ago and searching “preparing to communicate to kids north point” brought me right to it!

    Anyway, thanks again!

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