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While I was in South Africa I met a couple of real life heroes. They would never call themselves heroes – but they are. They are people that you will probably never meet in person and will never hear about on the evening news.

You won’t see them walking down a red carpet at an awards ceremony and they won’t be given a gold medal. But they are heroes. Not showy, flashy, Grammy-Award-winning, or slam-dunking performers. Real. Life. Heroes.

Meet Allison and Liz.


Allison raises her own support to live in Cape Town and has worked her way into a public school system in District 9. There are about 450 kids in this school. These kids attend school in classrooms that are actually temporary storage units built fifty years ago. The classrooms house 35-40 kids each with one teacher.

dsc_0031Girls in front of their classrooms. Yes, these are classrooms.

Allison started by providing Camp SonShine as an after school and summer vacation program. She quickly learned that there was a much bigger need. Kids were coming to school hungry, so she figured out how to get food and make them breakfast. Kids were heading into 5th grade and they couldn’t read or write their name. So she figured out how to get them a teacher. That’s where Liz comes in. Then created a program to teach the kids who needed the most help.


Allison and Liz understand that these kids need to be able to read and write if they are going to have any chance to have a better future. But more important, Allison and Liz realize that these kids need to know their Heavenly Father.

Do you know why they are heroes? Because they have decided these 450 kids are worth the effort and energy that it takes to show up early, work all day, stay late, and care for these kids during school vacations. They take small groups of kids and teach them, one by one. They take small groups of kids and love them, one by one. They take small groups of kids and introduce them to their Heavenly Father, one by one. They don’t get paid to do this. They raise money and figure out a way to do this because they believe that God can use them to make a difference.


We need your help!

As you can see from some of the pictures, the buildings that these kids are in everyday are less then acceptable. Allison needs two new classrooms to be able to provide the programming and the teaching that she knows they need.

These two classrooms will only cost a total of $4000.

We have a team going back to South Africa on March 19th and I think we should send them with the money that Allison needs to build these classrooms. Really. Just $4000 will provide two brand new spaces that these kids will benefit from for a long time to come.

How can we pass up this opportunity to do something that is so easy for us to do?

Give here. (Under country choose “globalX.” Under trip choose “most needed.” Under individual type in “South Africa Intersect Project.”)

Give today. I’m going to give right now.

I’ve met Allison in person. I’ve seen the work they are doing. I’ve seen the space on the property where they will build the classrooms. I’ve seen the programming and teaching. I’ve seen the potential. I’ve seen the kids’ faces.


Let’s do this! Give right here. Give right now!

These kids may never fully realize the gift that Allison and Liz are giving them as they give them an education that will help them get a job in the future and has the potential to lift them out of their existing poverty and neglect. There is a really great chance that many of these kids will grow up and know what it means to have a relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Here’s the really cool thing about Allison and Liz. They are going to keep doing what they are doing whether you ever know them or not. They are going to keep giving of their time personally. They are going to keep scraping together the money they need for these kids. They are going to continue to love them and through that love many of these kids will have a very real picture of what the love of their Heavenly Father must look like.

Like I told you…heroes.



  1. I was there with you when you took these photos, and yet your stirring words brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for demonstrating courageous and inspirational leadership. I am so thrilled to see that your trip to Cape Town continues to motivate you to stir up others to manifest Christ’s love. I pray, together with you, that many of these children may enter into a living, vibrant relationship with their Creator!

  2. awesome stuff.
    if it helps to bring in a few more contributions and a bit more awareness then I hope my post on the matter also helps 🙂

    • Thanks Phillip! I think it will help. Looks like we’re starting to get some traction with the donations! I’ll let everyone know when we’ve hit our goal.

  3. James Senior says:

    I don’t know Liz but Allison is such a quiet unassuming lady and that is what makes her a real hero. It is all about serving the children and not her. Camp SonShine does an amazing work.

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