Groups Director – Job Description

We only hire people on our children’s ministry staff, who will be great at working with volunteers. It doesn’t matter what amazing skills they possess, if they aren’t good with volunteers, they can’t be a part of the team.

Why? Because EVERYTHING that we do is dependent on the health and strength of our volunteer teams. And because EVERYONE is responsible to replace themselves and attract and lead other leaders.

Specific talents and expertise can be hired contractually. But to play a part on the team, you have to be great with volunteers.

One of our key staff positions is a Groups Director. Their primary job is to lead a team of coaches, who then lead a team of small group leaders, who then connect and lead our kids. Ultimately it is their job to make sure that each child has the best small group experience possible.

Groups Directors at our Browns Bridge Campus


Groups Directors at our North Point Campus


A win for their position: Every child is cared for by a consistent leader who is modeling and teaching the truth in a way that is relevant and engaging to them.

Groups Director – Job Description:

Connect, support, and inform 6 to 8 coaches through weekly communication and quarterly meetings.

Invest in the personal growth and be accessible to coaches.

Create small groups.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the small group dynamic.

Help determine when classes need additional staffing.

Help determine the best small group for each child and make changes for kids as needed.

Plan and complete the promotion of all small groups to the next age/grade.

Interview, train, and place coaches and small group leaders in their classrooms.

Maintain complete files on each volunteer.

Enter and maintain the computer database concerning volunteers and small groups.

Process volunteer applications and background checks.

Oversee the placement of all Student Impact volunteers.

Ensure that classrooms are fully staffed for Sunday.

Work all department special events and own certain parts of the event.

Communicate and enforce all safety and evacuation policies.

Ensure that volunteers are trained and prepared for teaching and using curriculum in the classroom.

Own a part of the curriculum development and preparation process.

Groups Directors at our Buckhead Campus (It’s a little more fun in Buckhead!)


We are blessed with a talented and caring team of Groups Directors.

Their job is vital to one of the most important things that we do every Sunday…

sitting children in circles,

with the same leader,

who knows them,

who cares about them,

who is leading them into a growing relationship with their heavenly Father.


  1. Jessica Kinder says:

    Extremely interested in this position! Would love to be contacted to learn more!

  2. Michelle NeSmith says:

    Do you have the “wins” for the other positions from the Childrens Minister down to the small group leader? what about for each environment?

  3. Hope Thibodeaux says:

    What is the best way to find out about available positions in the Children’s Ministry departments at the different campus locations? Thanks!


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