8 Qualities of Successful Leaders in a Multisite Organization

Businesspeople on meeting in office

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years of creating multiple churches, it’s that great leadership at both the local church level and the multisite level is paramount. Your multisite leadership team should include leaders who support … [Read more]

Make Better Decisions

Businessman Forward Path

Twice a month Gina Ragsdale  (NPM UpStreet Director) and I work with a team of leaders and walk them through a development session. It’s a place where we can invest in our leaders and encourage discussion and debate. This is [Read more]

Volunteer Kick Off Video

A great story that celebrates the influence of a small group leader in the life of a child. We shared this with all of our volunteers last fall as we kicked off the new ministry year together. Enjoy!


 … [Read more]

Free Easter Content!


Easter is coming quickly and what we teach our kids at this time of year is so important! A few years ago we released a new product called God Loved. It’s one of our all time favorite series because it … [Read more]

Are You Grateful?


I bet if I asked if you were grateful for what your volunteers and staff do, you would say “Absolutely!” My next questions would be, “How do they know? What’s your plan?”

You can feel grateful all day long, but … [Read more]