Leader Development

Starting Point leaders are the most important component of the environment. Since Starting Point is designed to be a conversational environment, and not a place for teaching, identifying leaders who are comfortable facilitating a discussion is critical.

Upon approval, Starting Point leaders are further equipped to lead their group through a New Leader Orientation, apprenticeship, annual training, and one-on-one meetings with a Starting Point Director.

We also provide materials to assist them. These include: Leader Notes, participant and co-leader evaluations, and online resources.

Each leader is equipped, developed, and monitored around five key essentials:

  1. Develop Your Skills :: Am I growing as a leader?
  2. Prioritize Preparation :: Do I know my material and members?
  3. Promote Participation :: Am I encouraging conversation?
  4. Cultivate Relationships :: Am I connecting with group members?
  5. Encourage Long-Term Community :: Are my members in small groups?

Starting Point Leader Application
Starting Point Apprenticeship Guidelines