For a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions:

  • visit our church’s FAQs page for questions about our LLOL Partner Church program.
  • visit our individual FAQs page for questions for prospective leaders.
  • and below you will find a few more general FAQs regarding LLOL.

There are three key ways that Life Lessons Over Lunch can help your church advance its mission:

  • Your members that work outside the home spend the best hours of their days in the workplace. Offering a workplace ministry like Life Lessons Over Lunch allows you to invest in their spiritual development at work, a key aspect of their lives that typically receives little attention at church.
  • Life Lessons Over Lunch connects your members to the Great Commission by giving them a practical, “doable” way to reach out in their spheres of influence. As they see God use them in their Life Lessons groups to draw people to him, it will build a ministry mindset that will last a lifetime. And what church couldn’t use more ministry-minded members?
  • As people who are disconnected from God and church begin to hear biblical truths taught in a practical and relevant way, their desire to connect with God will grow. When they’re ready to look for a church, they will most likely turn to their Life Lessons leaders—your members.

No. One of the hallmarks of the Life Lessons ministry is that we take practical, biblical teaching to people on their turf. Typically, that’s a workplace environment . . . or sometimes a restaurant or conference facility if the situation requires. Moving the meeting to a church facility represents a decided shift from their turf to our turf, which undermines the whole spirit of the Life Lessons initiative.

Yes! Life Lessons Over Lunch, by design, does not exclude people on the basis of religious preference, race, or gender. Everyone is welcome.

Some companies have “open” groups that allow outsiders to attend. Other companies are “closed” to only include employees of that company. If you are interested in visiting an existing group, contact the Life Lessons staff to see if there’s an open group in your area. We can be reached via email or telephone (678.892.5565).

Approved groups can order free DVDs through the Life Lessons staff. We have approximately sixty DVD offerings that have been specifically selected for Life Lessons groups.