Life Lessons Over Lunch

Life Lessons Over Lunch is a marketplace outreach initiative. Practically, it’s an environment in which a group of people gathers over lunch and watch a DVD message. Life Lessons groups take practical biblical teaching about everyday challenges and introduce those concepts to employees in a non-threatening environment. They are employee-driven volunteer groups whose mission is to facilitate the spiritual growth of the employees who choose to participate. Launching and leading a Life Lessons group is for those who want to make a significant impact in the lives of the unchurched people they work with every day.

There are over 185 Life Lessons groups that meet in over 140 organizations all over the country and the world. Most groups meet in their company’s offices and during non-company time. Lunch has proven to be the most successful time slot.

The Life Lessons Staff at North Point encourages Life Lessons leaders to leverage their influence in the marketplace. We equip them to create relevant environments where participants can hear practical biblical principles and consider issues of faith. North Point provides coaching and resources for group leaders, including DVD media from North Point Resources.

The best place to learn about Life Lessons Over Lunch (LLOL) is our ministry’s website. There is a section designed specifically for church leaders.