From the beginning days of our church, we have held one belief that relates to our children’s ministry:

“What happens at home is more important than what happens at church.”

It is for this reason that we feel that one of the best things we can do as a church is to “partner with parents” and equip them to lead their kids spiritually.  Since 1996, KidStuf has mainly been leveraged as a weekly shared experience for families. Last summer we decided to change our strategy in hopes of more effectively equipping parents to apply our Big Idea at home, all month long. This new strategy consists of 3 key components:


happens on the first Sunday of each month and acts as a launching point for parents to learn about the Big Idea with their kids. The shared experience is still a critical part of our strategy.  Although it is no longer happening as frequently, it is still a consistent environment designed for kids and parents.


is a creative resource that families receive at the end of KidStuf Live each month. It ties in directly to our Big Idea and what families experience together at KidStuf Live. Each Take-Out comes with weekly instructions that guide parents on how to reinforce the Big Idea in lots of fun and applicable ways.

kslogos14-online is our new website that serves as another shared experience for families and provides resources to help parents reinforce the Big Idea at home. We also have a Kids page with games, Gordo’s Blog, GodTime, and music.

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